Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Gaharu Subintegra

The "Black Gold" from the forest
To improve seeds viability
• We supply quality Aquilaria Subintegra/Malacensis/Crassna seedlings.
• Mass production of young Aquilaria Subintegra saplings. (2-4 ft).
Agarwood/Gaharu Farming Management
Basic overview
• Land plot: Better Agarwood/Gaharu quality at steep areas up to 45 degree i.e 0-700m from sea level.
• Rainfall : Better Agarwood/Gaharu quality at the land plot receiving more than 2000mm rainfall per year.
• Temperature : Best quality Agarwood/Gaharu producing trees grow at low temperature i.e humidity is high, (24ºC -32ºC ) with a 70% rate of sunshine.
• Soil : Best quality of Agarwood/Gaharu trees grow at specific soil, 4-6 PH, loamy soil, soft sandy clay like soil, deep and stony.
Modern Cultivation Technique
1. Mechanical treatmentby systematic wounding method.
2. Inducement of super agar resin formation through application of special concoction of inoculum known as Effective Resin Inducement Biotechnology Serum (ERIBS).
Mechanical treatment
Systematic woundingtechnique
• A properly managed 5years old Aquilaria Subintegra tree can grow up to 30ft in height and25inch in circumference.
• Relatively about 500holes can be made with an electrical drill machine, 5 inches deep and separation column of 4x4inches can be drilled at 5 years old Aquilaria subintegra.
• The "hole"made by this technique is pointed at relatively steep angle upwards to preserve the humidityfactor.
• ERIB Serum will be innoculated into the holes. This technique accelerates the natural defense responses of the Aquilaria trees.Thus forming the Exotic Fragrant Agar Resin in the trees.

o Most Agarwood/Gaharu growers will choose to use this Effective Resin Inducement Biotechnology Serum simply because it is superior to any other Agarwood/Gaharu inducement technique. More agar resin is formed in a shorter period and at a lower cost.
• In natural forest, the Aquilaria trees at the age of 20-40 years produce agar resin formation as a natural response to wounds or infection by the forest endotrophic mycorrhizal fungi.
• A formation of Fragrant Agar resin will be produced 8- 20 months after the ERIBS inducement technique.

• Case study; Inducement technique carried out on 7 years old Aquilaria Subintegra tree in Thailand has fetched a whopping RM30,000 per kg.

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